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Hiking to Sass Queder – the short but sweet summit hike

Our tip

If you book the Magical Fire package, you can enjoy a barbecue at Europe’s highest BBQ area.

Diavolezza – Sass Queder

If you just want to stretch your legs a little or if you are travelling with small children, the hike to Sass Queder will be perfect for you. On the top, a fantastic panoramic view is your reward.

This hike starts at the Diavolezza mountain station. The hike is short – you’ll be on Sass Queder in around half an hour. But you’ll still need to cover 110 metres of vertical distance. The Diavolezza mountain station is at 2,978 metres, and the finish is at 3,066 metres above sea level. If you are a novice hiker, you will really feel the air getting thinner higher up. However, your efforts will be rewarded with a marvellous panoramic view. From here, you can see the impressive Piz Palü and Piz Bernina mountains and you can see far down into Valtellina.

Please note: the return route is on the same path.

A magical fire – BBQ at 3,065 metres

Sass Queder is home to Europe’s highest BBQ area. Book our Magical Fire package: it includes a picnic in a rucksack with meat for the barbecue, pretzels, salad, a dessert, drinks, and of course wood and matches.

Please note: booking is required.

If picnics aren’t your thing

There’s excellent food and drink at the Berghaus, which you can enjoy outside on the sun terrace or inside by the windows with panoramic views.

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