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Winter prices – discover this fairy-tale mountain scenery

You can buy the cable car ticket or pass of your choice from our online holiday shop. Of course, we will also be happy to help you at one of our cable car ticket offices. You can find ticket information and prices here.

Snow Deal

The best slopes from CHF 47

Buy a ski pass now and enjoy an early booking discount. You can also benefit from attractive family discounts.

Family discounts

Families with several children can benefit from discounts when purchasing 3- to 15-day passes (Snow Deal), and the ENGADINcard 365 and PIZcard 365 (for locals) annual passes. The discounts also apply to the multi-year ENGADINcard 365 and the multi-day Hiking Pass.


Discounts for families:

  • Applicable to 3- to 15-day passes (Snow Deal), annual passes and 3-year passes (ENGADINcard 365, PIZcard 365) that have the same period of validity.
  • The parent or parents (or the grandparent or grandparents) pay the official rate.
  • The oldest child up to 17 years of age pays the child or adolescent rate as appropriate.
  • The second child up to 17 years of age receives a 30% discount on the child or adolescent rate as appropriate.
  • There is no charge for any additional children up to the age of 17.

ID requirements: to buy a family ticket, you must present a valid family ID or valid personal IDs or passports at the ticket office. This form must be filled in online and certified by the municipality where the family resides.

Up until the day before their 13th or 18th birthday (whichever applies), young guests can buy the annual pass at a cheaper rate (children’s rate or adolescent rate respectively).

Flexible day pass

A flexible option that allows you to choose the best days for you

Would you like to decide for yourself what days you would like to ski during the winter? Then the flexible day pass is perfect for you. This pass is valid for the entire Upper Engadin snow sports region.
Simply buy your flexible day pass online and then start looking forward to the wide variety of runs and the spectacular mountain views that await you!

Flexible day pass

10 days freely selectable on 365 days from date of puchase, all regions in the Upper Engadin. Non-transferable with photo ID.

Cristins ski lift prices

The gentle hill here is a great place to try skiing for the first time. This makes Cristins the perfect place for children and adults who are beginners.

  • Winter 2023/2024, prices

    Adults (18 years and above), Adolescents (13–17 years), Children (0–12 years)

    Winter 23/24 Adults Adolescents Children
    Day pass CHF 38.00 CHF 32.50 CHF 24.00
    Half-day pass* CHF 31.50 CHF 26.00 CHF 19.50
    2 days CHF 71.50 CHF 61.00 CHF 44.00
    3 days CHF 93.00 CHF 82.00 CHF 62.00
    4 days CHF 115.00 CHF 102.00 CHF 75.50
    5 days CHF 134.00 CHF 119.00 CHF 89.50
    6 days CHF 152.00 CHF 133.50 CHF 102.00
    7 days CHF 170.00 CHF 150.00 CHF 114.00

    *Mornings: 8.50 a.m. to 12.00 a.m., afternoons: 11.45 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (4.15 p.m. in the off season)
    Please note: tickets for the Cristins ski lift are only available at the ticket office at the Cristins button lift.

Ski instructor passes

Snow sports instructors with a recognised certification document can get 33% off the ski pass.

Requirements for this ticket type

Switzerland: snowboarding instructor/ski instructor with the level Instructor or FA/BF/Swiss Snow Pro with a valid FK stamp or one from the previous year (the FK stamp is valid for two years)
Other countries: ID card with a valid ISIA, IVSI, or MoU stamp

Ski instructor passes

Buy your ski instructor ticket now.

Snow Night and Glüna Plaina

Snow sports at night is a truly special experience. The Snow Night is a weekly event held on the 4.2-kilometre illuminated slope on Corvatsch at night. Glüna Plaina is a special night skiing event where you ski down the slope to the valley station under the light of the full moon (weather permitting).

Corvatsch Snow Night

  • Tickets

    Children: 6–12 years

    Ticket Adults Children
    Evening ticket CHF 34.00 CHF 20.00
    Early evening ticket (7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.) CHF 25.00 CHF 17.00
    Snow Night season pass* CHF 109.00 CHF 65.00

    *The Snow Night season pass starts saving you money from your fourth Snow Night. From December to April, you can experience the joy of skiing at night under the floodlights a total of 18 times.

Glüna Plaina, Diavolezza

  • Tickets

    Adults: 18 years and above, Adolescents: 13–17 years, Children: 6–12 years

    Ticket Adults Adolescents Children
    Evening ticket for skiers CHF 36.00 CHF 24.00 CHF 12.00
    Ascent/descent for walkers CHF 24.00 CHF 16.00 CHF 8.00

Glüna Plaina

Please note: You can only buy the Snow Night and Glüna Plaina tickets and the Snow Night season pass at the Diavolezza and Surlej valley stations. Annual passes for guests and locals are not valid..

"Cable car and lunch" combined package, single tickets

The journey up to the mountain restaurant, followed by a delicious lunch with spectacular views of fairy-tale mountain scenery – we have put together a truly special combination offer for you:

Tickets Including lunch  
Diavolezza Berghaus Diavolezza CHF 57.00
Lagalb Bergrestaurant Lagalb CHF 50.00

Tickets for walkers, prices

Want to discover this fairy-tale mountain scenery on foot? Here you will find the ticket prices for walkers.

  • Corvatsch

    Adults: 16 years and above, Children: 6–15 years

      Adults Children Half Fare/GA Travelcards
    Surlej–Murtèl CHF 46.00 CHF 23.00 CHF 23.00
    Surlej–Corvatsch CHF 64.00 CHF 32.00 CHF 32.00
  • Furtschellas

    Adults: 16 years and above, Children: 6–15 years

      Adults Children Half Fare/GA Travelcards
    Sils–Furtschellas Middle Station CHF 39.00 CHF 19.50 CHF 19.50
  • Diavolezza

    Adults: 18 years and above, Adolescents: 13–17 years, Children: 6–12 years

      Adults Adolescents Children
    Tickets for walkers CHF 44.00 CHF 29.50 CHF 14.50
  • Lagalb

    Adults: 18 years and above, Adolescents: 13–17 years, Children: 6–12 years

      Adults Adolescents Children
    Tickets for walkers CHF 36.00 CHF 24.00 CHF 12.00

Diavolezza Challenge

Luggage transport is included in the price. 

Luggage drop-off: at the ticket office at the Diavolezza valley station
Luggage pick-up: at the ticket office at the Diavolezza mountain station

  • Diavolezza Challenge ticket

    Adults: 18 years and above, Adolescents: 13–17 years, Children: 6–12 years

    Adults Adolescents Children
    CHF 25.00 CHF 17.00 CHF 8.00

Lake Trail snowshoeing offers

Enjoy tranquillity and magnificent views with some snowshoeing

Lake Trail snowshoeing offers

  Adults Half Fare/GA Travelcards
Package: cable car return ticket + snowshoe hire CHF 50.00 CHF 30.50
Snowshoe hire only CHF 15.00  

Diavolezza – SBB RailAway combined offer

When you travel on public transport, you can benefit from 10% off your return trip on the Diavolezza cable car. This discounted rate can only be booked through SBB.

You can get the discount with any ticket, such as a normal public transport ticket, a day pass, a supersaver ticket, a Regional Travelcard or a GA Travelcard. The RailAway combined offer is available at all staffed ticket offices, from the SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (calls charged at CHF 0.08/min.) and online

Important: Be sure to buy the discounted ticket before you travel. No discounts can be given at the Diavolezza valley station.

Sleep & Ski

Pay only CHF 47 per day of skiing!

This year, the hotels of Upper Engadin once again have an extra-special offer for you: Hotel guests can buy the Sleep + Ski pass for just CHF 47 per day, and it’s valid for the entire duration of their stay and on all Upper Engadin cable cars and mountain railways. This unique offer is available at over 100 hotels in the Engadin St. Moritz holiday region.

Valid from 21 October 2023 to 5 May 2024


In cooperation with Snowcare, we are able to offer you the opportunity to purchase the Snowcare Gold insurance service for CHF 5 per day in addition to your ski pass.

  • Search and rescue costs
  • Ambulance and helicopter transport costs
  • Emergency medical care costs
  • Medical repatriation
  • Provision of a driver

For multiple-day passes of two days or more: Reimbursement of the costs of any unused ski pass, rental equipment and ski lessons as a result of an accident suffered by the insured person or a person close to the insured person.

For further details, see the Snowcare Terms and Conditions.