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About us

Here you will find some fun facts about our skiing and hiking areas, interesting highlights of our history and hard facts from our annual reports – everything you could possibly want to know about Corvatsch AG and Diavolezza Lagalb AG.

Three mountains, one landscape of fairy-tale mountain scenery

Seven months of skiing, five months of summer activities and one cable car service open 365 days a year – this is the fairy-tale mountain scenery of Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Lagalb. 

The Upper Engadin skiing and hiking areas of Corvatsch AG and its partner company Diavolezza Lagalb AG are situated around the 4,408-metre mountain Piz Bernina, the only peak above 4,000 metres in the canton of Graubünden. On the western side of Piz Bernina, mighty Piz Corvatsch looms majestically. Its mountain station is the highest in Graubünden at 3,303 metres above sea level. On the eastern side of Piz Bernina lie Diavolezza and Lagalb. 

  • Corvatsch & Furtschellas

    Mountain transportation/equipment

    3 cable cars
    6 chairlifts
    5 ski lifts
    12 snow groomers


    Slopes: 120 km (13 km blue, 89 km red, 18 km black; 4.2 km illuminated)
    Artificial snowing: 20 km
    Snowshoeing trail: 3.8 km


    Hiking trails: 80 km


    10 restaurants in Winter, 4 restaurants in summer
    ORMA Whisky Destillerie

  • Diavolezza

    Mountain transportation/equipment

    1 cable car
    1 chairlift
    1 button lift, 3 conveyor belts
    5 snow groomers (Diavolezza and Lagalb)


    Slopes: 32 km groomed, (31 km red, 1 km black), 8 km ungroomed glacier run
    Artificial snowing: 13.5 km
    Winter hiking trail: 1.5 km


    Hiking trails: approx. 30 km
    2 via ferratas (K2–K3 and K5–K6)


    1 restaurant/hotel
    VR Glacier Experience (visitor centre dedicated to the topic of glaciers and the environment)

  • Lagalb

    Mountain transportation/equipment

    1 cable car
    5 snow groomers (Diavolezza and Lagalb)


    Slopes: 13 km (9 km red, 4 km black)
    Artificial snowing: 5 km


    2 restaurants

General meetings

Corvatsch AG

Thursday, 25 April 2024, Rondo Pontreisna

Diavolezza Lagalb AG

Thursday, 25 April 2024, Rondo Pontresina

Annual reports

Here you can access various documents such as annual reports, excerpts from the trade register and tax bases.

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Our history

Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Lagalb are constantly changing. Here are some of the highlights of our story so far.

  • Corvatsch AG


    Philip Mark and Claudio Saratz become the first people to scale Piz Corvatsch on skis


    Planning for the cable car at 3,303 m

    23 March 1963

    Opening of the first section

    8 December 1963    

    Opening of the second section

    23 December 1963

    Opening of the Murtèl and Giand’Alva ski lifts


    Opening of the summit restaurant


    Purchase of the first snow groomer

    Summer 1969

    Temporary car park for 40 cars set up below the valley station. The cable car racks up over one million journeys

    12 July 1971

    Establishment of the Furtschellas cable car company

    19 February 1972

    Opening of the Sils/Furtschellas cable car

    3 March 1972

    Opening of the Grialetsch Sils/Furtschellas ski lift

    December 1972

    Opening of the Chüderun ski lifts

    December 1972

    Opening of the Furtschellas ski lift

    1 January 1973

    Opening of the Rabgiusa ski lift

    July 1974

    Passenger no. 10 million takes the Corvatsch cable car


    Complete renovation and refurbishment of the first section


    Renovation of the second section of the cable car

    November 1985

    Launch of the first part of the artificial snowing system for the section from Alp Margun to Surlej valley station


    Construction of the second part of the artificial snowing system, renovation of the second section

    23 January 1987

    Technical approval of the Margun ski lift

    18 December 1993

    Opening of the four-person chairlift


    Start of construction of the new cable car (second section), demolition of the old Corvatsch cable car (second section)

    14 July 2007

    Merger of Furtschellas and Corvatsch

    22 November 2008

    Opening of the new cable car of the second section

    17 December 2008

    Opening of the chairlift connecting Rabgiusa to Curtinella

    20 December 2010

    Opening of the new staff building on Corvatsch


    Opening of the Mandra four-person chairlift (replaced the Mandra ski lift)


    Opening of the Curtinella six-person chairlift with the valley station at the Hossa Bar (replaced the Curtinella ski lift)

  • Diavolezza Lagalb AG


    28 February 1955

    Establishment of Diavolezza-Bahn AG with CHF 0.85 million in capital

    22 December 1956

    Opening of the Bernina-Diavolezza cable car with a 50-person cabin

    Summer 1958

    Upgrade to a 62-person cabin


    Construction of the Diavolezza Firnfeld ski lift on the Diavolezzafirn Glacier. Open for skiing from the summer season of 1960


    Purchase and renovation of Chesa Diavolezza, which at the time was not on the exact site where the Berghaus is today


    Purchase of the first snow groomer. Construction of the Bernina ski lift on the Diavolezzafirn Glacier. Share capital increase from CHF 0.85 million to CHF 1.7 million. The Berghaus is connected to the electricity grid.


    Merger with the Berghaus to form Diavolezza AG


    Open for winter skiing for the first time.


    Second Diavolezza ski lift for summer skiing


    Renovation of the kiosk and the self-service restaurant of the Berghaus


    Opening of the new 125-person cabin of the Diavolezza cable car


    The old mountain station gives way to the extension of the Berghaus. Dormitory accommodation is built


    Construction of the artificial snowing system in the area of the Diavolezza finishing slope


    Construction of the Diavolezza chairlift


    Opening of the button lift for children and beginners at the Diavolezza valley station


    Demolition of the two ski lifts on the Diavolezzafirn Glacier. The nine-year-old chairlift is converted to a detachable chairlift


    The Diavolezza and Lagalb ski areas are connected by a slope and a button lift


    Merger to form Bergbahnen Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG


    Comprehensive modernisation of the Diavolezza cable car service

    1 June 2017

    Establishment of Diavolezza Lagalb AG


Our shared story

1 June 2017 – a mountain swap: Piz Nair for Diavolezza Lagalb

Around this time, the Lagalb skiing area, which belonged to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG, was due to be closed for financial reasons. There was an uproar from local and non-local Lagalb fans alike. After a period of uncertainty, a solution was found to keep Lagalb going. That solution was a mountain swap. 

The transport facilities and catering businesses of Luftseilbahn Corviglia-Piz Nair AG, founded in 1952, are located in the Corviglia skiing area. These were transferred to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG and in return, Luftseilbahn Corviglia-Piz Nair AG received the facilities and ancillary businesses that belonged to the Diavolezza and Lagalb area. At the same time, Luftseilbahn Corviglia-Piz Nair AG was renamed Diavolezza Lagalb AG. The current shareholders of Piz Nair AG became the owners and proprietors of Diavolezza Lagalb AG. This solution was in part made possible thanks to the Niarchos family, who owned the majority of shares in Luftseilbahn Corviglia-Piz Nair AG. Since then, Diavolezza Lagalb AG and Corvatsch AG have been partner companies.