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Hike to Munt Pers

Our tip

Get your headlamp on and set off early in the morning to watch the sunrise on Munt Pers. You can spend the night comfortably at the Berghaus.

Incredible panoramic views on the "lost mountain"

Munt Pers is Romansh for “the lost mountain”. But you won’t feel lost on the mountain – just overwhelmed by the 360-degree panoramic views.

With the fantastic view of the Pers Glacier and the Morteratsch Glacier, plus Piz Palü, Piz Bellavista and the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps, Piz Bernina, as well as the panoramic view towards Val Poschiavo, Piz Languard and Pontresina, you won’t mind that this route is the same on the way there and on the way back. And what does “the same” really mean anyway? On the way back, your perspective will most likely be different, allowing you to keep discovering something new wherever you look. 

Please note: the mountain trail is well maintained, but it is narrow so it requires sure-footedness.

Further details about the tour

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