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The Lakes on Diavolezza

Our tip

It’s worth taking a detour to Sass Queder: you can see the Bernina range and all the way to Valtellina.

Diavolezza – Lej da las Collinas – Lej Pers

Lej da Diavolezza, Lej da las Collinas, Lej Pers – Diavolezza is brimming with small lakes.

This hike starts at the Diavolezza mountain station. Just before Sass Queder, the path branches off to Lej da Diavolezza. The path can be slippery in wet weather. Sure-footedness is required. After Lej da Diavolezza, you will soon reach Lej da las Collinas. The descent is challenging, since it covers around 1,000 metres of vertical distance from the high alpine, stony mountain landscape down into the green valley. The area between Lej de las Collinas and Lej Pers is a moorland that is home to rare plant and animal species. Alpine rose bushes line the path to the Diavolezza valley station – if you’re hiking when they’re in bloom, they’re bound to bring a smile to your face.

Please note: the path along the ski slope (until Lej da Diavolezza) is more suitable for those who are less sure-footed.

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