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Alpine tours in the Bernina area

Our tip

The Berghaus has a range of accommodation options, from double rooms to 16-person dorms.

Ice pick, rope and crampons at the ready

Piz Palü, Piz Roseg and the four-thousand-metre Piz Bernina – these are evocative names for mountaineers. The Bernina range around Diavolezza is famous as a destination for incredible Alpine tours.

Diavolezza and its Berghaus make for the ideal base from which to head out on Alpine tours in the Bernina range. There are so many options to choose from: Piz Palü, Bellavista, Piz Roseg, Piz Morteratsch, the striking Biancograt ridge of Piz Bernina, plus the many glaciers. 

The Diavolezza Express route

The Diavolezza Express route on Piz Cambrena is secured along its entire length. You can tackle it in a day, and it provides even seasoned mountaineers with plenty of good, varied climbing practice. It offers a grippy rock base in summer and challenging mixed climbing with ice and snow sections when temperatures are cooler.

Senda dal Diavel

A devilishly fun route for proficient mountaineers with climbing experience. It takes you from Lej da las Collinas over the rugged east ridge to Munt Pers.

Please note: please only travel upwards.

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