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Spending the night at almost 3,000 metres

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Relax in the jacuzzi on the terrace of the Berghaus.

Berghaus Diavolezza

A night at the Berghaus is so much more than just a night at a hotel. Here, you can get closer to the starry night sky than almost anywhere else, and the only artificial light you will see for miles around is the light coming from the Berghaus itself.

Here, at almost 3,000 metres, the air is a little thinner, the moon and stars are a little closer, and the light and noise of civilisation are far away. Once the last cable car has arrived in the station, silence falls around the Berghaus. As the sun goes down, it bathes the mountains in a rich reddish light – spending the night on Diavolezza is a truly unforgettable experience. The Berghaus has comfortable double rooms with en-suite shower and toilet, or you can go for the authentic mountain hut experience in a group dorm. 

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Staying at the Berghaus

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